Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Im Back....

Well, it seems I have taken a little hiatus... huh?? It's generally just because of LIFE. Over the past year I have been given some more responsibilities at church and guess what I have been busy tending to those along with baseball!!! So I organized an entire fall festival complete with a Carnival theme and over 20 booth's and two bounce houses.... Been working on our adult Christmas Musical and taking the boys to practices for theirs. We also have added a Saturday PM service to the mix...

So it has been nonstop. I have been asked to take on a couple of projects in 2010... Yes I know it's not even 2010 yet but, both of these require LOTS of planning!!! and well I'm a planner of all types :)

So I'm coming to YOU my blogging friends if you are any still around..... I need help with all you craft fair ladies!!!! I'm organizing ONE!!! Well my question for y'all is this..... Generally when you place your items at the Fair's you attend what are the fee's and what does it include? We are wanting to keep the fee's low so we can get a good group of vendor's but still make a little bit of a profit f0r some other things we want to do over summer. So if you have participated any one or any please share your experiences and what helped to make it run smoothly......


Anonymous said...


I am working on the Counted Cross-Stitch design titled "Where Love Abides" by Sandy Orton for Kooler Design Studio. I am halfway through completing this cross-stitch design but have lost the guide for the stitches. Is there any way you can send me a copy of the original cross-stitch key so I can finish making this beautiful piece for my grandmother? I can't afford to buy another entire kit and do not where else to look for the guide. Thank you for your help. I may be contacted by phone, mail, or email.

Amy Belcourt
1932 Cherrystone Apt. 1-C
Norman, OK. 73072
email: amyb1121@hotmail.com
Phone: 405-208-9927

Thank you again for your help
God bless!

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