Sunday, September 28, 2008

Creative Love!

The goal of the game - List 10 things you love that begin with the letter you are assigned.The lovely Sandra assigned me the letter F, so let's see what I come up with. If you want to play along just leave me a comment and I'll assign you a letter.

1. Faith
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Freedom
5. Fruit
6. Friday's :)
7. Frogs
8. Fort Worth (where I live)
9. Fall
10. Ford Expedition

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Awesome Thursday Giveaway!!

Here is a wonderful giveaway from Teri at It is a super cute pumpkin candle mat. The drawing will end on October 3rd.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What was keeping me so busy last week!

Well, I am finally getting around to post pics of some of the crafts I was working on last week!

If you are interested in any of these.....
Please let me know and I can get you some additional details then!
I would also be interested in swapping items as well!

These turned out exactly how I wanted them GIRLIE!!! The tops are crackled!

Faith, Family and Friends ~ 3 of my TOP Priorities!

Stars!!! Perfect Prim or Americana look!!

Top of boxes with star!

Small Stacking Blocks! Again Prim or Americana!

Have a blessed week!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It was almost perfect!!!

The weather here in Texas could not have been more perfect this weekend!!! However, our weekend started out with my husband Jason and our 3 year old Mason feeling under the weather.... You know the type of cold that nothing will do to help it!!! Friday night his sister and her family were moving so we were over there super late helping and then Fall Ball kicked off this weekend so we made it over to my nephews tball game and then my Devin's (8 year old) baseball game! This year they asked Jason to coach and he wasn't all the keen on it since he hasn't done it before but, when they told him that if he didn't then about 12 kids would not get to play so he sucked it up and asked my bil to help him. They have had 2 practices total between all the rain and the hurrican effects so we wasn't sure how it was going to go..... I knew their was a chance of a lot of giggles from the stands however............ The Royals won 10-6!!! AND my sweet little guy hit 3 homeruns!!!!! It amazed me watching him head into the dugout with his wonderful coach there grinning from ear to ear!! Daddy was definantly PROUD!!! of him and his teammates!!!! Afterwards he took the little ones home to nap and I went shopping and to Drama Practice at church with the youth. Jason had to go into work for a bit so we went over to Garden Ridge with my sister. Nothing exciting to report today for once..... :) Except the Cowboys won!!!

I have tons to get caught up on this week! Mostly my cleaning chores!!! My sister moved also this weekend and we swapped kitchen tables and she is using our upstairs couch so I need to definantly rearrange somethings. Maybe, I can get some pics posted this week also of somethings I have been working on!!! WOOT!!!

Praying you each had a blessed weekend and onto another one!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Giveaway for ya!!

Kay over at is having a giveaway in celebration of the first day of fall!! The deadline is Monday so make sure you hop on over there!!

Downright worn out!!!!

Yep, that pretty much sums it up! I actually should have my hinney in bed but, at last it is the only moment I have managed to get online a checkup on my new and old found friends :) I got up early and got all of my housework done and then headed over to JoAnn's to look around! Boy do they have some super super cute fall stuff out!!! and most of it was 40% off. Although I tend to wait till it is WAY marked down! Gotta save some money somewhere! Then we headed to Walmart for a few things and I could not believe that I stumbled upon some Kim Klassen pictures..... I was so excited!!!! They have a little bit of Americana going on in them but, that is okay!!! I can't seem to find anything to go on this one wall and these will work till I do! The edges of them were painted gold and I didn't like that part of them so they came home with me and got a fresh coat of black paint on em!!!! I can't wait to hang them tomorrow!! Im trying to get some of the crafts I have been working on DONE! They are cluttering up my kitchen and I can't stand clutter so I spent the better part of the afternoon working on that and then before I knew it it was time to get ready and head to church! We had an awesome service tonight to close it out!! Praise and Worship was wonderful and the rest of the service was even better!!! I will admit that Im sorta kinda glad that tomorrow night is free for me anyway! Since Saturday I have been to church SIX times!!!! Jason and Devin will be at baseball practice.

I am planning on finishing up some projects tomorrow and then next week we are having a Just Between Friends Sale here in town. (if you don't have them in your area ~ it is a HUGE children's resale event) This will be my first time selling anything there! The boys closets are saying THANK YOU!!!! However, I have most of their stuff in boxes and it each item has to be on a hanger and a printed bartag on it. So I plan on getting to that tomorrow as well! So much going on!!!!!!

I hope you each are having a much BLESSED week!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pure Prim Heaven!!!

Okay so first of all Im loving this blog world!! It's amazing how many wonderful friends you can find.... I mean I have several great ladies that I post with over at yuku but, finding all this wonderful PRIM stuff..... Im truly in prim heaven! Being from Texas we don't really have that many craft shops anymore other than the Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's or Michael's. We have a Country Peddler Show that comes to town a couple of times a year so my Prim resources are limited! :) Thankfully my friend Brandie sent me some super cute items for my birthday this year to get me started then I also got some stuff at the Peddler. Everything else I have ordered online! So this is pure Prim Heaven!!!!

Other Monday Ramblings~ Our church is holding a revival through Wed. The man who is holding it actually goes and ministers on college steps all over!!! He so far is very thought provoking! Yesterday mornings he ministered on Reconciliation and last night it was who our identity was. I can't wait to see what tonight holds. Devin has baseball practice and since Daddy is the coach.... That is where they will be. I will be taking my 2 little guys with me to play with their little pals in class. I look forward to it actually. They have been little stinks today starting with getting a hold of a blue permanent marker this morning (while I was changing out the laundry.....) so it will be a nice break to get a chance to worship in peace :) The last few weeks I have felt like a drawing closer in my heart to the Lord.... longing for MORE! Well, I better get off and get Devin and my nephew from school. Then time to start homework and church preparations!

Blessings~ Cathy

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Awesome Giveaway!!

Well, I entered my very first blogger giveaway!!
She is celebrating her 100th post and the opening of her etsy shop!! Which has some cute Halloween prim items! So hope on over and take a look!

Have a blessed Sunday
we are about to head off to church for our revival that is being held tonight!

The worst luck....

Okay so as I am sitting here trying to figure out how on earth to change this background.... it's almost time to head back to church!! Can someone help me out???? How do I do it? I copied and pasted the code but, it just adds it to the generic original template?? What am I doing wrong?

Just getting started!

Yes... Yes.... Yes.... I have finally moved into the blogging world!! I used to always have sometime of Dear Diary or Journal going.... Now days it seems I have so very many things just churning through my head and decide to start journaling!!