Sunday, September 21, 2008

It was almost perfect!!!

The weather here in Texas could not have been more perfect this weekend!!! However, our weekend started out with my husband Jason and our 3 year old Mason feeling under the weather.... You know the type of cold that nothing will do to help it!!! Friday night his sister and her family were moving so we were over there super late helping and then Fall Ball kicked off this weekend so we made it over to my nephews tball game and then my Devin's (8 year old) baseball game! This year they asked Jason to coach and he wasn't all the keen on it since he hasn't done it before but, when they told him that if he didn't then about 12 kids would not get to play so he sucked it up and asked my bil to help him. They have had 2 practices total between all the rain and the hurrican effects so we wasn't sure how it was going to go..... I knew their was a chance of a lot of giggles from the stands however............ The Royals won 10-6!!! AND my sweet little guy hit 3 homeruns!!!!! It amazed me watching him head into the dugout with his wonderful coach there grinning from ear to ear!! Daddy was definantly PROUD!!! of him and his teammates!!!! Afterwards he took the little ones home to nap and I went shopping and to Drama Practice at church with the youth. Jason had to go into work for a bit so we went over to Garden Ridge with my sister. Nothing exciting to report today for once..... :) Except the Cowboys won!!!

I have tons to get caught up on this week! Mostly my cleaning chores!!! My sister moved also this weekend and we swapped kitchen tables and she is using our upstairs couch so I need to definantly rearrange somethings. Maybe, I can get some pics posted this week also of somethings I have been working on!!! WOOT!!!

Praying you each had a blessed weekend and onto another one!!!


Jenn said...

Doesnt seem like they fly by SO quickly? Ha!

Kristine said...

Congrats to Devin on his homeruns!
I'm glad you had a nice weekend.
Hugs, Kristine

Mom in Sahuaritaville said...

We stuffed so much into the weekend, I could have used another day!

Like you had a nice weekend!!

Kerri said...

WTG Devin!!!!
Sounds like a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

WTG Devin!!! Be sure to tell him how proud I am of him!!!