Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Im Back....

Well, it seems I have taken a little hiatus... huh?? It's generally just because of LIFE. Over the past year I have been given some more responsibilities at church and guess what I have been busy tending to those along with baseball!!! So I organized an entire fall festival complete with a Carnival theme and over 20 booth's and two bounce houses.... Been working on our adult Christmas Musical and taking the boys to practices for theirs. We also have added a Saturday PM service to the mix...

So it has been nonstop. I have been asked to take on a couple of projects in 2010... Yes I know it's not even 2010 yet but, both of these require LOTS of planning!!! and well I'm a planner of all types :)

So I'm coming to YOU my blogging friends if you are any still around..... I need help with all you craft fair ladies!!!! I'm organizing ONE!!! Well my question for y'all is this..... Generally when you place your items at the Fair's you attend what are the fee's and what does it include? We are wanting to keep the fee's low so we can get a good group of vendor's but still make a little bit of a profit f0r some other things we want to do over summer. So if you have participated any one or any please share your experiences and what helped to make it run smoothly......

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My sweet friend Jenn over at http://bittersweetfixinsnprimitives.blogspot.com/ is having the cutest and I do mean cutest snowman giveaway! Hop on over there and check him out!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Been away for awhile!

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged... Actually the second I clicked my last post... (My bathroom redo) My phone was ringing as I hit POST. It was actually my grandmother's dialysis clinic calling about her. She was being rushed to the hospital and had already been revived twice. We sat with her nonstop until May 5th when she passed away. It has been a very long a difficult struggle for me as I miss her dearly. She was one of the closest most dearest people to me...... Some days are better than others and then there are others that I just feel like crying all day. I know it is selfish of me to want her back her with me as I know exactly where she is. You see she was the women who moved into my parents home when I was five and never moved out; she was the one who took me to church from then on; she was the one who started attending the church where I met my husband; she was the one who loved me unconditionally; she was the one who adored my three boys; she was the one whom I spent hours upon hours on the phone with each and every morning; she was the one whom I never thought would actually leave me; she was my best friend. I find myself okay except for in the evenings when Im laying in bed..... I lay there praying and wondering what she is actually doing in Heaven...... where she went first once she got there...... who all way waiting for her......I just miss her so! Anyway so that is reason for my lapse in posting. Hopefully here in the next few weeks I can get back into the groove of things. I do still have to tour of my home to do!

Hope you each are blessed!

It's a Flag Day Giveaway!

Pam over at Farmhouse Primitives is quickly approaching her 100th post!
So to celebrate along with Flag Day - she's giving away and awesome Flag Day basket ($70 value) make sure you head over there now and get all the wonderful details! http://farmhouseprimitives.blogspot.com/

Monday, April 27, 2009

Additional Bathroom Pics

Here is a couple of additional pics that I forgot to take of the bathroom :) I haven't really decided what to hang on the towel rack. I would love to find just a small quilt type piece to hang there or towels. I haven't found any that I like yet. The tissue holder I found at the Good Will for a $1.00 painted and primed it up! I love the color it ended up being.

Close up of the sampler....

Dining Area Progress

Well since I shared last week my bathroom I thought I would show you what is actually on the other side of the half bath. As you enter our front door we have a small and I do mean very small entry areaWalking through the dining area My pic in between the walking area.... Its says at the bottom "God's Promises are like the stars, the darker the night the brighter they shine"
once you come through the door you can either go up the stairs or head straight through the dining room.

The little entrance area goes to the small bathroom down in my last post.

This is suppose to be I guess a dining area ....... but if you know me Im so not a formal foofoo kinda gal :) I still haven't gotten it the exact way I want it but, Im getting there! Slowly but surely. It definantly looks alot better than it did since it was a complete empty room for a year! I want to actually get a buffet or table to go on the wall where my star picture is. I also know that my table arrangement will eventually change. Just gotta get some more money!! A little at a time for sure! I also have been on the look out fo some candles that I can afford.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Half Bath Remodel Project!!!!

I promise my bathroom wasn't as ugly before as it looks in these pics :) When we moved in the previous owner had just completely had the house professionally painted... I could not justify putting the money out to paint so I worked with the green color in this half bath that is between our formal dining area and our family living room. It also wasn't as bare as it is in the pics I had already taken some stuff down.

Fixtures I bought at Home Depot and primed up.

These pics are on the main wall as you are walking into the bathroom

Mirror side view

This pic is on the wall in front of the toilet. I also hung a towel rack above the toilet with another sampler pic. (I forgot to take that pic) Im still not completely finished. Im on the lookout for a trash can and I want to find some prim towels to match the samplers.... of course I will probably end up making those.

Table Re-do!

Anyone who knows me know's that Im definantly a budget, goodwilling, thrift store, coupon cutting kinda girl :) I love garage selling too! Which is where I found this ugly little table about a month ago! It was soooo ugly! But, HEY.... it was only $5.00 and I could just see the potential! I have a small wall coming out of our half bath that I *thought* this would look perfect under..... I was sooo wrong! Thought it would also work in the half bath but, it was to big so it found it's permanent home in our very small entry area!!!

Im very happy with the end result! I also made the stacking boxes and found the doily at the dollar tree and "primed" it up!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who can resist?

Who can resist my handsome little men?? Im asked many many times if they all belong to us.... In fact one of the ladies thought that Devin belonged only to Jason and then we had the two younger boys together. Devin has brown hair and brown eyes, Mason is our blondie with blue eyes and Matthew has auburn hair and a little bit deeper blue eyes.... Yes, I can confirm they do not belong to the mailman; they do indeed belong to us!

Nothing is more precious in life than brotherly love!!

Also, Mr. Devin passed the TAKS Reading Test!! For those of you who don't live in Texas these test are administered yearly from 3rd grade on and if it's not passed then your child doesn't pass to the next grade. I was a little worried since this is our first year having to deal with the TAKS anyway Devin only missed 4 all together throughout 4 different parts of the test! So I was VERY proud of him today!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Faithful Fridays!!!

Joy over at http://www.joy-doodlebug.blogspot.com/ is hosting Faithful Fridays and I thought I would participate this week!!

I could go on and on about how thankful and joyful I am for knowing and having the Lord's Love!!! His mercies are new EVERY single morning!!!

Today Im going to be thankful and joyful about my husband! He truly is my prince charming!! At certain points in my life he has been it felt like the only one I have had! He is my rock. He is such a wonderful man of God. Provider, Supporter and strength to me! The boys adore him and he is so wonderful to them! He truly is a gift to me from the Lord!

Happy first day of Spring!

It's finally here!!!! Thankfully my favorite time of the year! The weather in Texas is just perfect this of year!!! You can actually raise the windows and open the doors and not sweat to death!!! Our plans for today including laundry of course, some cleaning up and then me and the boys are getting out in the backyard and cleaning it up for spring!!! Boy do they have it a mess!!! Daddy will be suprised too so he can go on and get all the fertilizer and weed killer all laid!!!

Jason has some work to do at the baseball fields tomorrow so we may head to the Science center and spend the day there!! Spring break is over for us and Devin will be heading back to school and with me having kids all week we haven't got to do much of anything except visit my mom and grandma!

hope you each have a great weekend! Im hoping to finish the boys bathroom and will post pics soon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Cozy Nest's Giveaway!

Look at this WONDERFUL Giveaway over at http://ourcozynest.blogspot.com/ that Nicole is giving away!! She made all of this wonderful "springy" stuff and I know that pin cushion would look perfect sitting with my new sewing machine!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vacation time here I come!!

Have you ever decided to do something spur of the moment? Like in about a month's time? A few weeks ago after church one day we were eatting and I told my MIL/SIL and all the guys that I would love to go to Vegas!!! Well, for those that know me you know I know nothing about gambling and I don't like to party...... However, I have always wanted to go there!!!! See the lights and the shows!!! I actually wanted to go when Celine was still there but, that didn't happen! So anyway my SIL and I got the calendars out and well the only time we could really go is the end of March. Devin has spring baseball starting so that will consume pretty much ALL of our time till June! and then it is just way to hot to go then! So we have worked out the boys childcare and Devin's school situation and we are taking off!!! Only for 3 days and 2 nights! but, honestly with everything we have been dealing with I really need a break! Jason's grandmother passing away; my grandmother in ICU for two weeks and just dealing with other things I have been a little overloaded these last few weeks! I soooo can't wait... Have you ever been? What's a couple of must see things to do.... I know we are going to go to the Hoover Dam and see the lights show for sure!

Is Spring on the way to you yet? It has literally rained nonstop Wednesday to Saturday night!!! So much to my delight.... It has been so sunny here since Sunday! The boys are aching to get out and play in the back yard this afternoon since it has finally started to dry up!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Primitive Candle Lovers?


Im looking for some referrals!!! I am looking for the perfect prim grungy~grubby candles! Im not planning on burning these they will be just for looks for my front dining area table. Who do you order your candles from?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Challenge

While catching up on my online friends. I stopped in over at Sarah's http://countrygirlsarah.blogspot.com/ she shared this link and I thought I would share it with you friends!!!

Im gonna play catch up and participate! I also started the Love Dare book today. I will share more on that later! Have a great day ladies! Im off to buy me some pretty panties!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby.....

Font Porch on left and Back Porch on Right:

That is pretty much what is covering our roads this morning :) If you have ever lived in Texas you know that we don't get the beautiful snow at ALL! If we get anything it is always the ugly ice and sleet... Which is what it did for the entire evening last night! Pretty much all of the schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where closed today. However, that didn't stop people from getting out and driving in this mess... Ice is so much different than driving in snow (or so I have heard) I refuse to drive on it. It's not worth the time of wrecking my car and especially the deductible it would cost! It's starting to melt however, it's still in the 20's which is REALLY cold for here!

Today is my sweet husband's birthday. Jason is 32 years old today! I made us some beef stew to warm our bodies along the fire and his favorite thing to go with it is cornbread. After that settled I made him a cheesecake! His favorite dessert! I carved Happy 32nd Birthday Daddy in it with a toothpick.... no candles though.

Not sure really what else is going on today for us! I plan on catching up on all of my dear friends blogs today while the boys are napping!! I hope you each are blessed and staying warm out today!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brr... Baby It's cold outside!!!

Boy is it cold here in Texas!!!! If you have ever been here you will know how crazy our weather can be It was soooo beautiful last week!! I know one day it even hit the 80's here..... Today however, it's 30 degress and dropping.... Some weather channels are predicting the worst ice storm here since 2003.... I however am not a cold person at all so we will be in ALL day until it's time to get Devin from school! Not to mention last night when we got in from my MIL's my tire sounded like it was leaking air so Jason checked it and sure enough...... He hopefully can get it patched today. It's always something huh!

Well.... I finished Me & Emma yesterday.... Guess I did get into it after all huh :) It took me a bit but, then I just couldn't put it down! For those of you who haven't read any of the Karen Kingsbury books they are definantly a MUST! Especially if you like Christian reads!
Today when the kids are napping Im planning on starting.......

Completely His ~
Loving Jesus Without Limits
by Shannon Ethridge

Today I have been thinking on my many blessings!
I was watching Matthew sleep today and he just looked so peaceful! Then as I was putting Masons' underwear on he wrapped his little arms around me and said; "I wuv YOU!" Talk about melt your heart huh....... Then their is my Devin last week he was awarded StarFish of the Week at school..... (best student in his class for the week) Which for some is no big deal but, when you have a child with severe ADHD you learn to see the big picture. Not only that but, he also was awarded for top Speller and Honor Roll. Those may be small accomplishment's for other children but, he was so proud of himself! I must admit when we went to the Fish Rally when they called his name my eyes teared up seeing his little grin as he stood to get his certificate!

Im learning it's the little things in life that make it worth while! Im searching for a deeper spiritual walk this year..... I want to be a better wife and mother. A blessing to others! I have a purpose and this year I so wanna fill it!
Deuteronomy 28:2 (Amplified Bible)

And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you if you heed the voice of the Lord your God.

Monday, January 26, 2009

In the no blogging mood funk :)

Hey ALL!!

Sorry it's been so long since I have blogged.... Truth of the matter I sit down here and think of things to blog but, then just get out of the mood for it. AND I just seem to be super busy busy around here these days. Back in August I started watching a little sweetheart; added a 3 year old and newborn in November and then a friends little one in December.... Now I don't have them ALL together all the time but, between the one's I do have from day to day add my 3 guys into the loop and housework...... Well, hopefully you see why I have been so busy.

I have been finding time to do a little reading.... I go in spurts some weeks it's ALL about crafting, others cross-stitching and then there are the days I just wanna read! I have managed to read the entire Twilight series at the end of Nov/Dec. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!

Im also a HUGE and I mean HUGE fan of Karen Kingsbury and read this last weekend...I cried through the entire thing. My husband found it funny since it was "only" a book :)

Im trying to puddle my way through....... It sounded pretty good at Walmart. However, I think it will be one of those that I just have to stick it out and keep reading. Anyone else read this?

Not much else new for us..... Working on getting the taxes done, and laundry. I hope to next weekend start painting parts of our house. We have been here for 3 years and when we moved in it had just been completely painted through out. Well, the paint color is a VERY dark taupy-brown creamy color. I couldn't see in painting just yet but, now since the owner did not use a glossy paint mixed in with kiddo's hand prints on the walls, up and down the stairs.... yada yada yada and the best reason is it's just to dark for me! Im gonna start doing that I think!!!!

I have definantly been trying to keep myself busy.... The pain of losing my grandpa seems to lessen everyday however, I still think of him. I guess that is why I have thrown myself into a bagillion things here lately. I haven't had much time to be online but, I do adore and cherish the friends I have made here on blogger and hopefully....... this will get me back into the blogging mode! Goodness knows I need some more craft ideas!! Especially prim ideas!

love and many many blessings!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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Hope you all have a very blesssed day!