Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who can resist?

Who can resist my handsome little men?? Im asked many many times if they all belong to us.... In fact one of the ladies thought that Devin belonged only to Jason and then we had the two younger boys together. Devin has brown hair and brown eyes, Mason is our blondie with blue eyes and Matthew has auburn hair and a little bit deeper blue eyes.... Yes, I can confirm they do not belong to the mailman; they do indeed belong to us!

Nothing is more precious in life than brotherly love!!

Also, Mr. Devin passed the TAKS Reading Test!! For those of you who don't live in Texas these test are administered yearly from 3rd grade on and if it's not passed then your child doesn't pass to the next grade. I was a little worried since this is our first year having to deal with the TAKS anyway Devin only missed 4 all together throughout 4 different parts of the test! So I was VERY proud of him today!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Faithful Fridays!!!

Joy over at http://www.joy-doodlebug.blogspot.com/ is hosting Faithful Fridays and I thought I would participate this week!!

I could go on and on about how thankful and joyful I am for knowing and having the Lord's Love!!! His mercies are new EVERY single morning!!!

Today Im going to be thankful and joyful about my husband! He truly is my prince charming!! At certain points in my life he has been it felt like the only one I have had! He is my rock. He is such a wonderful man of God. Provider, Supporter and strength to me! The boys adore him and he is so wonderful to them! He truly is a gift to me from the Lord!

Happy first day of Spring!

It's finally here!!!! Thankfully my favorite time of the year! The weather in Texas is just perfect this of year!!! You can actually raise the windows and open the doors and not sweat to death!!! Our plans for today including laundry of course, some cleaning up and then me and the boys are getting out in the backyard and cleaning it up for spring!!! Boy do they have it a mess!!! Daddy will be suprised too so he can go on and get all the fertilizer and weed killer all laid!!!

Jason has some work to do at the baseball fields tomorrow so we may head to the Science center and spend the day there!! Spring break is over for us and Devin will be heading back to school and with me having kids all week we haven't got to do much of anything except visit my mom and grandma!

hope you each have a great weekend! Im hoping to finish the boys bathroom and will post pics soon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Cozy Nest's Giveaway!

Look at this WONDERFUL Giveaway over at http://ourcozynest.blogspot.com/ that Nicole is giving away!! She made all of this wonderful "springy" stuff and I know that pin cushion would look perfect sitting with my new sewing machine!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vacation time here I come!!

Have you ever decided to do something spur of the moment? Like in about a month's time? A few weeks ago after church one day we were eatting and I told my MIL/SIL and all the guys that I would love to go to Vegas!!! Well, for those that know me you know I know nothing about gambling and I don't like to party...... However, I have always wanted to go there!!!! See the lights and the shows!!! I actually wanted to go when Celine was still there but, that didn't happen! So anyway my SIL and I got the calendars out and well the only time we could really go is the end of March. Devin has spring baseball starting so that will consume pretty much ALL of our time till June! and then it is just way to hot to go then! So we have worked out the boys childcare and Devin's school situation and we are taking off!!! Only for 3 days and 2 nights! but, honestly with everything we have been dealing with I really need a break! Jason's grandmother passing away; my grandmother in ICU for two weeks and just dealing with other things I have been a little overloaded these last few weeks! I soooo can't wait... Have you ever been? What's a couple of must see things to do.... I know we are going to go to the Hoover Dam and see the lights show for sure!

Is Spring on the way to you yet? It has literally rained nonstop Wednesday to Saturday night!!! So much to my delight.... It has been so sunny here since Sunday! The boys are aching to get out and play in the back yard this afternoon since it has finally started to dry up!