Friday, June 12, 2009

Been away for awhile!

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged... Actually the second I clicked my last post... (My bathroom redo) My phone was ringing as I hit POST. It was actually my grandmother's dialysis clinic calling about her. She was being rushed to the hospital and had already been revived twice. We sat with her nonstop until May 5th when she passed away. It has been a very long a difficult struggle for me as I miss her dearly. She was one of the closest most dearest people to me...... Some days are better than others and then there are others that I just feel like crying all day. I know it is selfish of me to want her back her with me as I know exactly where she is. You see she was the women who moved into my parents home when I was five and never moved out; she was the one who took me to church from then on; she was the one who started attending the church where I met my husband; she was the one who loved me unconditionally; she was the one who adored my three boys; she was the one whom I spent hours upon hours on the phone with each and every morning; she was the one whom I never thought would actually leave me; she was my best friend. I find myself okay except for in the evenings when Im laying in bed..... I lay there praying and wondering what she is actually doing in Heaven...... where she went first once she got there...... who all way waiting for her......I just miss her so! Anyway so that is reason for my lapse in posting. Hopefully here in the next few weeks I can get back into the groove of things. I do still have to tour of my home to do!

Hope you each are blessed!


Dawn said...

Oh Cathy ~ my thoughts & prayers are with you. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. **hugs**

Toni said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother hon!

Your profile is looking fantastic. I love the bright colours.

Mom in Tempetown said...

So sorry about your loss. Hope things are getting easier for you. Sending my thoughts and prayers!