Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby.....

Font Porch on left and Back Porch on Right:

That is pretty much what is covering our roads this morning :) If you have ever lived in Texas you know that we don't get the beautiful snow at ALL! If we get anything it is always the ugly ice and sleet... Which is what it did for the entire evening last night! Pretty much all of the schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where closed today. However, that didn't stop people from getting out and driving in this mess... Ice is so much different than driving in snow (or so I have heard) I refuse to drive on it. It's not worth the time of wrecking my car and especially the deductible it would cost! It's starting to melt however, it's still in the 20's which is REALLY cold for here!

Today is my sweet husband's birthday. Jason is 32 years old today! I made us some beef stew to warm our bodies along the fire and his favorite thing to go with it is cornbread. After that settled I made him a cheesecake! His favorite dessert! I carved Happy 32nd Birthday Daddy in it with a toothpick.... no candles though.

Not sure really what else is going on today for us! I plan on catching up on all of my dear friends blogs today while the boys are napping!! I hope you each are blessed and staying warm out today!


Sandra said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby :)

This Country Girl said...

We had ice here too, then a little snow on top of it this morning. The snow is unusual here too, but we sure did have fun this morning playing!

Happy Birthday to your Jason!


Kristine said...

I hate driving on ice to, but here in Wisconsin, we're just used to it.

Sounds like you gave your hubby a nice birthday.

Stay warm.