Thursday, February 19, 2009

Primitive Candle Lovers?


Im looking for some referrals!!! I am looking for the perfect prim grungy~grubby candles! Im not planning on burning these they will be just for looks for my front dining area table. Who do you order your candles from?


Linda said...

I'm Linda from Kindlelight Blessing candles. My blog is linked to my web site, . I am a candle maker and make jar candles, tarts, and prims. My prims are not pictured, but I'll be sure to list one soon. Too bad there's not a smell button on these computers, you would definately be impressed. Ms. Cathy from Cobblestone Farms, carries my line in her store (just for reference). Let me know if you want to try one or a doz. email me and I'll give you more details.
Blessings for an awesome weekend

Kerri said...

I hope you find some nice one Cathy! I miss blogging with you. I hope things are going well. HUGS