Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vacation time here I come!!

Have you ever decided to do something spur of the moment? Like in about a month's time? A few weeks ago after church one day we were eatting and I told my MIL/SIL and all the guys that I would love to go to Vegas!!! Well, for those that know me you know I know nothing about gambling and I don't like to party...... However, I have always wanted to go there!!!! See the lights and the shows!!! I actually wanted to go when Celine was still there but, that didn't happen! So anyway my SIL and I got the calendars out and well the only time we could really go is the end of March. Devin has spring baseball starting so that will consume pretty much ALL of our time till June! and then it is just way to hot to go then! So we have worked out the boys childcare and Devin's school situation and we are taking off!!! Only for 3 days and 2 nights! but, honestly with everything we have been dealing with I really need a break! Jason's grandmother passing away; my grandmother in ICU for two weeks and just dealing with other things I have been a little overloaded these last few weeks! I soooo can't wait... Have you ever been? What's a couple of must see things to do.... I know we are going to go to the Hoover Dam and see the lights show for sure!

Is Spring on the way to you yet? It has literally rained nonstop Wednesday to Saturday night!!! So much to my delight.... It has been so sunny here since Sunday! The boys are aching to get out and play in the back yard this afternoon since it has finally started to dry up!


Kerri said...

I'm so happy for you! I love Celine! I actually have her songs on my blog.

Kristine said...

I've never been there, but would love to go.
I hope you have a fantastic time. :)