Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who can resist?

Who can resist my handsome little men?? Im asked many many times if they all belong to us.... In fact one of the ladies thought that Devin belonged only to Jason and then we had the two younger boys together. Devin has brown hair and brown eyes, Mason is our blondie with blue eyes and Matthew has auburn hair and a little bit deeper blue eyes.... Yes, I can confirm they do not belong to the mailman; they do indeed belong to us!

Nothing is more precious in life than brotherly love!!

Also, Mr. Devin passed the TAKS Reading Test!! For those of you who don't live in Texas these test are administered yearly from 3rd grade on and if it's not passed then your child doesn't pass to the next grade. I was a little worried since this is our first year having to deal with the TAKS anyway Devin only missed 4 all together throughout 4 different parts of the test! So I was VERY proud of him today!


Kristine said...

You're boys are cute, cute, cute.
You're going to have girls calling all the time when they get older.

Anonymous said...

Your boys are adorable and congratulations to the one on testing. That is so good! Have a great day!

This Country Girl said...

Your boys are all handsome young men! Love those smiles! :)