Monday, April 27, 2009

Dining Area Progress

Well since I shared last week my bathroom I thought I would show you what is actually on the other side of the half bath. As you enter our front door we have a small and I do mean very small entry areaWalking through the dining area My pic in between the walking area.... Its says at the bottom "God's Promises are like the stars, the darker the night the brighter they shine"
once you come through the door you can either go up the stairs or head straight through the dining room.

The little entrance area goes to the small bathroom down in my last post.

This is suppose to be I guess a dining area ....... but if you know me Im so not a formal foofoo kinda gal :) I still haven't gotten it the exact way I want it but, Im getting there! Slowly but surely. It definantly looks alot better than it did since it was a complete empty room for a year! I want to actually get a buffet or table to go on the wall where my star picture is. I also know that my table arrangement will eventually change. Just gotta get some more money!! A little at a time for sure! I also have been on the look out fo some candles that I can afford.


Toni said...

You have a really beautiful house :D

I love how you've decorated it!

teknologi said...

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