Saturday, October 4, 2008

Books I managed to read this week!

Most of you who actually "know" me know that Im a HUGE book fan!!! We made it over to Mardel's last week on Saturday during our date day.... My sister took the boys with her for the ENTIRE day!! We also went to the movies and saw Fireproof!!! MUST watch movie!!
ANYWAY~ I managed to get 3 books and have already finished them!!! I love reading books that are in series!!!

I started out with Sunset by Karen Kingsbury which is actually book #4 in the Sunrise Series....
Sunset is about the power of family love, and the healing miracle of redemption. As John Baxter makes plans to marry Elaine, one of the Baxters enters into the most trying season of all. During a time of renewed love and hope for the future, the Baxters try to come together to establish the sacred ground of marriage and to chart a course for the future. Memories of times gone by meet with the changes of today in a story that proves only the support of faith and family can take a person into the sunset years of life.
I so love all of her books and am definantly sad the this series is ended!!

Followed that up with The Longing by Beverly Lewis which is Book #3 in The Courtship of Nellie Fisher Series.....

Although she still thinks of Caleb Yoder, Nellie Mae Fisher has broken up with her beau, choosing instead to follow the ways of the New Order. Yet her yearning for a husband remains, and new possibilities beckon, taking her heart by surprise.
A tragic accident binds Caleb once more to the father who so opposed his affection for Nellie ... and to the farm that will no longer be his. As he longs for freedom, Caleb soon discovers he cannot forget the only girl he's ever loved.

I really have taken a liking to the Amish stories!!! I love learning of all of the simple ways that they live.

I finished A Promise to Remember by Kathryn Cushman last night. I had never heard of her and then last week when I saw it at Mardel's and it was only $2.49 I figured it was worth a read.... and it definantly was! It was a little slow at the beginning but, I ended up not being able to put it down!

Andie Phelps is the envy of Santa Barbara. A devoted mother with a loving son and a successful husband, her greatest joy comes from reaching out to others.
Melanie Johnston is the envy of no one. A single mom who works long hours to pay the bills, and her greatest joys relate to her teen daughter and son.
Then the accident that changes everything. When opposite worlds collide, the impact reaches far beyond these mothers’ personal losses.
Two wounded women…Two families seeking hope…A community torn apart… How far will they go to fulfill A Promise to Remember?

So what are you currently reading????


Kerri said...

Sound like great books. I need to find more time to sit and read. I just can't ever sit still. lol

Kristine said...

I used to read all the time, I really need to start again. I would be setting a good example for my daughter too.

Your book choices sound great.