Sunday, October 12, 2008

My 3 Little Guys!

Well, I have shared my amazing husband so I thought I would now share with you my little guys! Our oldest is Michael Devin who we call Devin.... He was named after his Daddy actually! They both share Michael as their first name and both go by their middle names.... He is our brown hair/brown eyed beauty! He is all of 8 years old!! He is in the 3rd grade this year and is doing wonderful!!! Towards the end of school last year we decided to go on and proceed with having him tested for ADHD. We had already tried the homeopathic medicine's and they just weren't cutting it any longer and I was to the point that I wanted an actual definant answer as to if he did have ADHD or what was going on. Needless to say he is now medically diagnosed with it now. It at times is very heart wrenching for me..... We all want our children to group and be perfect and not have anything at all wrong and sadly for us that is not the case. It is in fact a daily struggle with us and him. He tries so very hard to do his best and wants to be his best at everything! His grades are wonderful and thankfully this year at school so far his behavior is as well.

When not at school you can find Devin soaking up everything he can about baseball. It is his passion. In fact he knows more about it than any of us in our house!!! He loves to also go to church and sing in the kids choir.
When Devin was about 2 years old we decided that we would love to have more kids. Well, we definantly learned that our plans don't always go with the Lords plans...... we struggle with fertility issues and when Devin was five....
We added our Mason Levi to our family!!! I was definantly excited that Devin was getting a baby brother! How perfect I thought it would be for him!!! Mason was born in April of 2005; Now he is a very active 3 year old! We are currently working on potty training! With Devin he was the poster child... crawling at 6 months, walking at 10 months, off the bottle at 12 months, potty trained at 2 years! I mean just perfect!! Not our Mason............ He is however doing great with going to the potty so far! I was just hoping it was a little earlier than now! He also is our animal lover!! Another one of the reason's it was so hard to get rid of the kittens! He was constantly carrying one of them around!! He also loves to "help" clean! Im hoping this will carry on when he is older!! And who doesn't love a blonde haired blue eyed boy! I think he will also be following in big brothers foot steps soon to the baseball field!

Suprisingly and I do mean a VERY BIG suprise!!! When Mason was 4 months old we found out that we were expecting once again. I was in fact on birth control so you can just imagine the suprise! I was sooooo not ready for another baby yet!!! and then in December 2005 we found out we would be having a THIRD boy........ I was so upset..... I knew that this would be our last baby and I sooo wanted that girl to dress in pink and wear those super huge bows. Well, that didn't happen but I did get.......

Matthew Avery!!! My sweet little red head!! However, the disappointment didn't last long when he was born in April 2006!!! This little guy is amazing! He so completed us!!! Looking back I can't imagine not having him! He rounds the boys out so much; they each are their own of course but, he is just the most gentle of them. He can be very timid at times but, doesn't really meet a stranger he won't say hi to! He loves to follow both of his big brothers around and doesn't leave their side; even when they want him to! He also would be perfectly content sitting in Momma's lap all day long if we could! So as you can see Im a very blessed Momma!!! Here is some of my favorite pics of my boys!


This Country Girl said...


What great lookin' guys you have! I know they are such a blessing! The Lord's timing is always best...even though we don't always understand it at the time! Thanks for sharing your guys with us! :)


Kerri said...

You are so blessed to be with these handsome gentlemen everyday! ;)

I completely understand with the ADHD as Aaron also has it and although we are working on doing things naturally we struggle. Sometimes it just causes a lot of unnecessary friction in our home.

Thanks so much for sharing your little men with us! They are so adorable.

You are truly blessed. :)

Jacquelynne said...

Isn't it funny how God messes with our plans, but He always knows what He's doing!

Katy said...

They are just tooo cute! I can't believe how old Devin looks in that first pic!!! WOW! Time flies!

Bobbi Jo said...

Your little men are handsome. What fun you must have. I have one son and 4 daughters and it is great to see the different personalities in each of them. Hugs, Bobbi Jo-AZ

Back in the Day said...

Your boys are adorable! My brother and his wife have 3 boys and their timing was about like yours! What a blessing!
Love your blog and adding it to my faves!